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Federal Litigation: Where Did It Go Off Track? — The Poetic Equivalent

A distinguished trial lawyer from Chicago, Bob Cummins, penned what I consider a poetic sibling to my article, Federal Litigation: Where Did It Go Off Track? (published in the Summer 2008 issue of Litigation and posted on the Recent Articles page at Bob’s classic sonnet follows:


How do you frustrate me? Let me count the ways:


You frustrate me by the depth, the

breadth and the height of unnecessary,

time consuming and costly knee jerk

motion practice and mindless discovery.


My mind and heart and soul reach

out for a trial date — a goal that is to

most not to be achieved


We immerse our courts in briefs and

blather never to free them to do the

work for which they were appointed.


Neither judge nor jury will hear our

cause for, after pouring vast amounts

into pretrial jousting, we look to mediate

and arbitrate lest real justice might be done.


© 2008 Robert P. Cummins, Esq.

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